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  • EXTSUD Worldwide Universal Travel Adapters with Power Bank 5000mAh (Black)
    Product Specs :
UPC: 700381392878
Whether you're traveling outside the United Kingdom for business or pleasure,
EXTSUD Power Bank with Worldwide Universal Travel Adapters are the best choice for powering your gadget!

♣ Dual USB Charging ports 2 USB ports make it not only a travel adapter, but also a USB plug charger for multiple devices charging, like your cell phone, iPhone, iPad, SamSung, Huawei, Power Bank, MP3/4/5 and Camera etc.
♣ Convenient and multifunctional - Compact Design This Power Bank with Worldwide travel adapter is compact and lightweight, so it fits easily in your luggage and slots into most outlets without any problems.
♣ Covers 200 countries-Ideal for travel  International voltage compatibility and interchangeable UK/USA/EU/AUS plugs make this Worldwide travel adapter ideal for travel. 
★ US adaptor: America, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, EI Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan etc. 
★ EU adaptor: German, French, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, South Korea, Algeria, Afghanistan, Argentina, Egypt and United Arab Emirates etc. 
★ UK adaptor: United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives and Qatar etc. 
★ AUS adaptor: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Fiji etc.

Rated Voltage: 100V-250V 
Rated Current: 6 A
Material: ABS, PC
USB output: 5V, 2400mA

Note: a) It is NOT voltage converters. 
b) Please ENSURE that your device can handle the local voltage. 
c)The maximum capacity is 1300W.
Do not use electric appliances with a power exceeding 1300W such as a hair dryer or a microwave oven to avoid danger due to exceeding the power load.